ATTACK ON SPACE — Episode 29: Imperium

"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."
— Sun Tzu’s Art of War

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Hey guys

both of my laptops decided to screw up this week. One of them won’t show anything on screen, and the other has a part that somehow got dislodged inside where the charger is supposed to go so now I can’t turn it on since both batteries are pretty much dead. Since I have no money right now.

I’ve been looking overdue for a new laptop but I haven’t been able to forever now. But now, I can’t do any VoiceOver work or any freelance work until I at least get them fixed. Again. These laptops are so old though, so I need a new laptop tbh.

If you’d like to help, please feel free to donate via paypal @ I have a button for donations on my tumblr pages if u want to. I’d really appreciate it. If can’t it’s okay, im just asking for any help since I don’t really have much else to turn to.

At least I finished my Attack on Space lines right before that LOL. But now I’m concerned about my other projects…

I may be forced to use my phone for fun projects, but I need the computers for my serious work :(

Thanks for reading. I hope I can fix this issue soon for u guys!

Please help if you can!


My talent portion for Bang Zoom’s Perfect Idol. take a look! I drew things! <— My Voice Acting video: Monobear from Dangan Ronpa!

SONG: UnknownThe Tale of Kanye West
ARTIST: UnknownJames Brown Jr VA
ALBUM: Unknown
PLAYED: 147 times


A fun voiceover i did based on a responce I found months ago, but lost where it came from. My friends, gather around, and listen to the tale of Kanye West…


BangZoom! Perfect Idol audition. Lines are from the character “Monobear” from the anime Dangan Ronpa, episode 1. I had fun figuring out this character and providing an acceptable voice to go along with it. Wish me luck!


jamesbrownjrva said: Watch AOS and I’ll give you space donuts from ark Sina. Seriously, they are out of this world! *waggles eyebrows

haha badumtsch

i watched AoS and completed my mission

Can I get some of those space donuts now

I need some to drown my sorrows in

also i haven’t eaten in 15 hours

Yaaaaaay!!! *feeds you donuts*

SONG: UnknownFunologue: The Dark Knight's "Why So Serious?" read as Monobear from Dangan Ronpa
ARTIST: UnknownJames Brown Jr
ALBUM: Unknown
PLAYED: 1059 times


I am planning on releasing a series of videos for my youtube Channel, ones where I voice act, whether from reading scripts or improv and impersonations, bloopers, you name it! To give you a sample of things I would do, Here is an audio clip of me doing the famous “Why So Serious” monologue from the Dark Knight, but in a despair-inducing twist, I do it as the voice of Monobear from the anime, Dangan Ronpa, combining several things here, how well I read and act, and interpret a character only recently given an English VO, since by the time of this recording, I had not heard about the english voice actor’s version of this character, and so figured it out on my own. Enjoy, and check out my youtube channel jamesbrownjrva2 when more content shows up!

Link to the monologue here:

Lol my monokuma voice in a very weird way…

I love Sasha and Connie's voices! The characters are hilarious, and they captured their personalities perfectly! All the characters voices are awesome.


Kendra and James are amazing as Sasha and Connie!!

Thanks for giving them the well deserved love! And the rest of our VA cast too! Thank you so much!

They are all absolutely wonderful and we adore them~


Sweet! Thanks for the love!

SONG: UnknownConnie and Keith "Joking Around?"
ARTIST: UnknownJames Brown Jr VA
ALBUM: UnknownAsk Connie Voice
PLAYED: 2299 times


Reblogged becuase it’s so fun XD ALL voices are me !

SONG: UnknownYami summons Exodia
ARTIST: UnknownredtechnoTenor, JamesbrownJrVA
ALBUM: Unknown104th duelistsquad
PLAYED: 525 times


Audio done by

James and I

I was Kaiba and he was Yami. (I promise we can do this better! XD)

I’m reminded of this piece of crap. Still fun to do tho. It’s time to duel, redtechnotenor!