Who is this nerd

Who is this nerd

Attack on Space: Live Action →


Rewards Spotlight: Attack on Space: Live Action — the OST

Backers who pledge $25 or more will receive access to a digital download of the original soundtrack for AOS:LA, composed by Nathanael Platier and Tav Lyn!


I made an Attack on Space pro-design for you guys!!!

I hope you enjoy it!!

I wish I had the game so I could do this

SONG: UnknownWhat do you call a dumb skeleton?
ARTIST: UnknownJames Brown Jr VA
ALBUM: Unknown104th Voice Squad
PLAYED: 1785 times




It’s close enough to October, right? Here some spooky-not-so-scary-skeleton comic to check out!

P.S. I got the joke after like 15 minutes… I am ashamed

Voices: James

Another skeleton comic wit my voice!

SONG: UnknownHalloween's Coming
ARTIST: UnknownJames Brown Jr VA
ALBUM: UnknownSpooky-not-so-scary-skeleton comics
PLAYED: 802 times


Halloween’s coming a bit early on Tumblr! Here’s another Spooky-not-so-scary comic brought to life by our VA James!


Send us more skeleton comics to voice as we count down to Halloween!

Enjoy! Voices by me!

Had a chance to talk to the great Andrea Romano at New York Comic Con this weekend! thank you for your time, your panel was very informative!